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Transition Planning

Consultations and Coaching 

Individuals on the Autism Spectrum or a Developmental Disability may need assistance, guidance and next steps planning supports to help with transition planning. TLC offers a wide range of coaching and consultation opportunities based on the needs of the individual. Developing a transition plan for parents and individuals to empower them towards developing and eventually reaching their goals independently.


One on one or group based supports 

Self Discovery                                         Volunteering

Day Program                                          Communication 

Social Groups                                          Volunteering and Supports

Job Coaching                                          Transit Navigation 

Essential  Skills Development                 Budgeting

Health and Wellness                                Learning Essential Skills  

Managing Emotions                                Community Based Activities

Navigating Community Programs           Coaching and Mentor-ship

Employment and Supports                      Service Coordination

Life Skills Program                                  Job Carving 



Group Based


TLC for Brighter Futures Workshop is renowned for its high quality face-to-face sessions. We offer variable formats on a wide range of topics. Our professional learning consultants are available for more detailed information about our services, and for support in customizing an individual session or designing a professional learning plan. 

All workshops will be tailored to your specific needs. 

  • How to shine as a new employee

  • Accommodation and Supports

  • ASD Healthy Relationships

  • Communication

  • Employment

  • Interpersonal workplace skills

  • Cultivating a positive attitude

  • Problem Solving and  conflict resolution

  • Teamwork and Time Management

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