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What We Do

Information Sharing

Foster self-efficacy and goal-setting

Focus on community engagement, resources, and supports

Create an individualized plan.

The unique TLC method uses strategies for learning and self-growth for individuals on the autism spectrum, developmental disabilities or barriers.  This is the foundation for all courses and programs. This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare our participants for a new adventure or for life's next steps. Look through our current course offerings below to learn more.


Learn how to effectively communicate on the job, home or socially, through our workshops or with our Communication Specialist for one one one support designed for your individualized needs.   

Job Readiness

Practical hand-on experience with industry partners through collaboration to learn the skills needed for employment. Developing soft skills, customer service and work related skills.

Job Coaching

Training using a structured intervention techniques to help you learn to perform job tasks appropriate to your work-related skills including social behaviors when dealing with your supervisor and your coworkers.

Job Accommodation

Assistance and supports are provided to help identify the needed for you in the workplace. Understanding your human rights and learning how to advocate for yourself, building confidence for the future and giving you the independence needed for your success on the job.

Transit System 

Learn how to navigate the transit system within your community to be able to travel independently. Program is offered one on one for specific routes or within a group for a general idea on pubic transportation. This program builds confidence and fosters independence for a successful future.

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