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Our mission at TLC is to provide quality programming and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering adults with Autism, Development Disabilities, Mental Health or Barriers by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, participants can begin applying their new skills.

Offering a person-centered approach with hands-on training and learning.



Building a Brighter Future where everyone has a role to play in our community.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Assist with job goals and planning 

  • Build confidence 

  • Promote social inclusion 

  • Foster independence 

  • Increase opportunities 

  • Advocate 

  • Support families and caregivers



TLC is a community based program to help foster independence. Providing hands on individualized training and supports with an aim of long term sustainable employment and/or volunteerism.  Assisting each learner reach their full potential, creating a life you dreamed about. 
We will work together to establish the best pathway for you. Assisting you with your Transition to Independence.

Directing you to success





We Are Here To Help You!!!

Transition to Life and Independence

Our Focus

Where everyone has a role to play in our community.

What We Do

Build the essential skills needed to direct you to your future

Our goal 

Working together to discover your skills, abilities, strengths and areas of interest in order for you to become autonomous.  

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